Dear Higher Education Supporter

January 7, 2010

Dear Higher Education Supporter,

As we return from the winter holiday, we have an opportunity to effect change in the way that higher education in our state is funded.

A hearing has been set for next Monday (January 11, 2009) at which Assembly Bill 656 will be heard by the Revenue & Taxation Committee of the California State Assembly.

AB 656, as you may remember, is a bill authored by Assemblymember Alberto Torrico which would create a dedicated funding source to help public higher education weather tough economic times like these.

The California Faculty Association and Assemblymember Torrico urge you to attend Monday’s hearing to show your support for this important piece of legislation.

The hearing will take place at 1:30 pm in room 126 of the State Capitol in Sacramento. Those interested in attending should RSVP to

Ensuring that the bill passes out of committee will require the combined efforts of students, faculty, staff, lawmakers and community supporters.

Your actions in support of this bill last fall, along with advocacy efforts and public demonstrations by campus communities throughout the CSU, UC and community college systems have created an immense amount of public interest in California’s public colleges and universities.

This was highlighted Wednesday, when, for the first time during his term in office, Gov. Schwarzenegger publicly acknowledged in his State of the State address that public funding of state colleges and universities is a high priority and that they should not be cut any further.

In order to continue this momentum, we must make a strong statement Monday that there are solutions to the funding crisis in higher education and one of the solutions is AB 656!

So please mark your calendar to attend this hearing.

If you are unable to attend Monday there are other things you can do to support the bill:
Sign up to support AB 656 online, by going to:
Become a fan of “Fair Share for Fair Tuition” on Facebook at:
Read the text of the bill online:
Check the CFA website regularly for updates on the status of the bill:


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