Participate in this historic action to build a broad public education coalition and send a message to the governor demanding full funding for all of public education in California.

With the Governor currently preparing his budget proposal for 2010-11, now is the time to take preemptive action to influence the state budget process.

California public education unions and organizations are launching an electronic march or E-March on the Governor’s office to demand adequate funding for public education in next year’s budget proposal. The idea of the E-March on the Governor is to send messages from supporters of public education all over the state (students, faculty, staff, parents, labor allies, alumni, community supporters, etc.) before he finalizes his budget proposal that will be released in early January.

To join the E-March today, go to:

It will be a first to have stakeholders from across California’s public education spectrum working together on a budgetary advocacy effort. The historic nature of our E-March will garner media attention and help build public awareness of the devastating budget cuts facing education in California.

The E-March is also the initial step toward more assertive actions around the budget this spring and will help engage a larger network of activists to help in the fight to protect student access to the greatest education system in the world.

This is a busy time for everyone, but before you leave your campus or work for the holidays, take one quick and easy action:

• Click on the link below to see the common message we are all sending to the Governor

• If you wish, add a statement with your specific concerns

• Add your sender information.

• Click on “Send Message.”

Take a few minutes to go to this link, and your voice will join thousands of others speaking up for public education in California

Letter to Students and Families (Download this letter)

How to Talk to Your Legislator about the Crisis in Higher Education (Download pdf)


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