Arizona’s Immigration Law (SB1070) – Is It Racist?

Well, yes and no. The law does not explicitly state that “all those of brown skin or accented speech shall be detained and asked to demonstrate their legal status in this state”. Anyone who didn’t sleep through their freshman history class would know such explicit statutes are not necessary for a law to be overtly racially targeted. Remember poll taxes and literacy tests. Neither stated that a pollster was required to test and tax every black person or that the law was passed in order to keep blacks from voting, but those were the realities of the laws’ implementation.

So while the law does not say that those of hispanic origin shall be targeted, that seems the reasonable prediction given the situation in Arizona. Consider the following:

We’ve already watched Sheriff Arpaio launch massive racially targetted “crime-supression sweeps” in the name of combating illegal immigration (even as illegal immigrants are repeatedly shown to commit less crimes than white citizens). We’ve already seen a widely supported governor of the state refuse to recognize MLK day as a holiday. We’ve already seen ethnic studies banned in the state’s public schools and teachers with accents fired.

In other words we’ve seen actions taken by this particular state and its political class that seem to indicate a certain…defensive reaction to a perceived ethnic crisis. It is not that they hate Hispanics per se. Rather it seems that the politicians in question -and presumably their constituents or at least their subordinates – are of the opinion that the immigration question is a racial one.

That being the case, how are we to react to the current law? When law enforcement individuals in the state have already set precedent for grouping legal hispanics in with illegal ones in enforcement actions, how are we to expect liberties to be protected?

The fact is that this law does not provide for the fairness and equality before the law that is the foundation of our nation. Our pride in our liberty begins with our freedom from unwarranted and arbitrary invasions by the government.

When walking down the wrong street being the wrong color becomes probable cause for detainment, we’ve ceased to command the ethical heights demanded of us by our founding fathers. We cannot, as defenders of liberty here and throughout the world, allow ourselves to be overcome by fear or selfishness when deciding what is right. We must be better than that, we prove ourselves to be those proud and determined americans who did not surrender to fear when the world was threatened but stood up as its strongest protectors. We must recognize that the laws are the means by which we have secured our own liberty from past oppressions and never fail to uphold that tradition.

My grandfather fought for the freedom of people he had never met who spoke different languages then he did, believed in different gods than he did, and looked very different than he did. Instead of leaving them to those who would use the law to discriminate and harm he took up arms so that they could.

We’ve seen all of these things in the name of an American identity based in amnesia and xenophobia.

This is an America that I want nothing to do with. I want an America whose laws aren’t knee-jerk politicized grandstanding. I want an America whose police aren’t modeled on the gestapo and the committee for state security. I want an America that understands how the law must limit the powers of police so that we may all remain free.



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45 responses to “Arizona’s Immigration Law (SB1070) – Is It Racist?

  1. anon

    Your article completely avoids the fact that these illegal immigrants are committing a crime. By definiton, any act deemed to be illegal, is usually a criminal act.

    If my family was starving, and I had no choice to feed my family but to rob a bank,would my criminal act be deemed forgivable based on my circumstance?

    No, I would face the punishment for the crime I committed.

    Why should these people who are immigrating ILLEGALLY be given the same protections as law abiding citizens?

    The analogy of Blacks and those immigrating illegally is not an applicable analogy; as Blacks were CITIZENS of the United States of America, and their rights as citizens, clearly stated in the Constitution of the United States, were being violated.

    • Shelly

      I completely support what Arizona is doing because the Federal government won’t even enforce their own laws. If we as American
      Citizens visit any other country we have to show our paperwork when asked to verify we have a right to be in that country. Why shouldn’t visitors to the US be forced to do the same thing? I agree with your statement that it is imperative that students know exactly what is really going on – but many are not providing the correct information.
      The vast majority of all Americans, including legal immigrants, completely and totally support the new Arizona law. Those who are crying racism are in the minority in their opinion on this, and missing the whole point. We are not anti-immigrant, we are simply anti ILLEGAL immigration.

    • Sarah

      To Kevin and anon both: YOU both fail to realize that this article is about racial profiling and not illegal immigrants. The law gives cops the right to pull over ANYONE (not just those they suspect of being illegal immigrants) who looks suspicious. If we’re talking about the premise of the law, then we are not talking about illegal immigrants, we’re talking about racial profiling.

      As for your beliefs about non-white immigrants (because you really are talking about non-white people alone and not illegal Canadian, Irish, British, French immigrants of whom there are many in this country): you’re racist pigs.

      • Concernedcitizen

        You are either a fool or a liar. Almost all illegal immigrants are non-white (95%-98%). Do you even bother to do any research about governments stats or do you just talk out of your ass?

        You really think that it is in the best interests of whites and even legal nonwhites to have this country flooded with unskilled illegals?

    • In response to African Americans being citizens, that is true, but the constitution endorses slavery in 4 different places. So I am not exactly sure we should be putting it up on a pedestal of justice.

      Also – this post does not even mention that Black Studies, Latino studies, Asian studies, and ALL ETHNIC studies classes will be made ILLEGAL. I don’t know about you, but I would like to maintain my right to education and expansion of knowledge.

  2. Kevin

    This is stupid. The law is protecting us.. why do you want a bunch of illegal aliens in our country. They are illegal. And if you are a citizen then you shouldn’t have a problem with someone asking to see if you really are a citizen unless you are hiding something. Bunch of little babies crying about racism and how this isn’t fair.. these illegals are ruining our country and dirtying our cities. Spreading disease, crime, and drugs. Please tell me why you want to support these people invading our country?

    • Jane

      You seem to forget your history. This country is based on immigrants, illegal or not! About illegals ruining our country is a bit extreme and very ignorant. Not all illegal immigrants automatically get into crime or illegal business (besides not having the proper documents to be in this country). Immigrants are taxing paying, hard working laborers, who have to pay cash for everything because they cannot open bank accounts cuz they lack documentation and social security numbers. There are those who pick up cans, bottles, and glass for recycling to make an honest living then to rob a bank or a convenient store. Who the hell said that all immigrants spread diseases? Perhaps, perhaps not. Although, the spread of syphilis in California particularly in Los Angeles is increasing each year instead of declining because people are not taking proper precaution of protecting themselves i.e. using condoms, and African Americans cases are ranked 1st reported by CDC. As invading our country, perhaps you forget that White Americans are the ones who drove out the Native Americans (trail of tears) and Mexicans out of the land. US has a complicated history with Mexico stealing the land out of the Mexicans who had legal documentations. BUT, since US wanted to build railway systems, expand company’s like gas, copper, iron, etc. would cut a check to pay off the politicians to make laws for companies that would ‘legally’ (i use that term lightly) pay the lowest fee possible to purchase the land, then drive Mexicans out buy evicting them. Since the big companies had the law on their side, it was easy for them to do as they pleased. I’m not saying that all illegal immigrants are all law abiding, yes, they are those who fit the stereotype, but you cannot generalize illegals in the negative categories. Unless your family comes from Native American or Mexican ancentry, i think it safe to say that you come from a long line of Illegal immigrants who, “ruined”, “dirtied”, “spread disease”, engaged in “crime and drugs.” Why do we need illegal immigrants such as they invading our country?

      • Judi

        “Immigrants are taxing paying” uhh, yes they are, the LEGAL ONES. the illegal ones aren’t that’s why they “pay cash for everything.”
        “There are those who pick up cans, bottles, and glass for recycling to make an honest living”
        really? if they come illegally, no matter what they do it’s ILLEGAL.
        you totally missed the point Jane.

      • Neil

        Illegal immigrants do pay taxes, two ways. First, when ever they buy something they pay tax. Second, some illegally purchase social security numbers and pay all state and federal income taxes. FICA, Social Security, all of it. And they can never claim those benefits in the future.

    • John

      Dr. Mr/Ms.

      It is a friendly reminder that you need to study history. It seems that you have no idea of what is going on. Our history says that you are an immigrant too. Whether you grandmother or grandfather came centuries ago or not, you are still a immigrant. Also you were illegal; within time, citizenships status changed, but you were an illegal immigrant. Don’t forget that who stole west meaning Arizona, Texas and some other states of the west were people who came here 2 centuries ago. Thank you… study your history.

  3. Justin

    It’s amazing how all the people who are so adamantly against Arizona’s law conveniently *don’t* live in Arizona. That means they don’t have to deal with uncontrolled drug smuggling, they don’t have to deal with the overcrowded emergency rooms, and they don’t have to deal with any of the problems that Arizonians do.

    The federal government’s constitutional mandate (Article IV, Section 4) is to protect states from invasion. The Feds aren’t doing their job only out of political expediency – whether you agree with the law or not, can you blame the Arizonians for taking matters into their own hands?

    As a matter of philosophy — who are you to tell other states how to govern themselves? I mean seriously, why do you care? If Arizona’s law is unconstitutional, there are legal ways to overturn it. I’m all for that, if the law is in fact unconstitutional. But boycotts? protests? What makes you so special that you are entitled to tell people in other parts of the country how to live? What arrogance.

    How about this: you choose to live in a part of the country that has the local laws you enjoy, and Arizonians live in the part of the country that has laws they enjoy. Wait, that’d be too easy… it’d almost be like we were.. like we were a constitutional republic! oh my! whatever would we do!

  4. Rational American Citizen

    The problem with you energetic student activists is that your professors preach to you about lofty ideals of equality and the Utopian dream. Come down to reality for a minute and realize that you live in the real world. Why won’t you admit the unpleasant fact that Hispanics have invaded America and are ruining this country from within? I can see no freedom in a world where the rights of illegal immigrants come before the rights of American citizens. At some point the Hispanic population must be checked to prevent the total collapse of America as we know it. By “we” I mean the older generations who have wisdom and experience, not all you inexperienced children who naively believe that America will forever remain a bastion of wealth and prosperity. I’m all for racial equality, but the Hispanic race is rapidly supplanting America’s many other ethnic groups. I’ve personally seen flagpoles in towns and cities that have the Mexican flag raised above the American flag. Here in California the battle has already been lost. Eventually, the only language taught in schools will be Spanish. I’m proud of Arizona, it’s about time a state finally stood up for its country.

    Rational American Citizen

    • Stanley

      Your forgetting that Arizona and much of what we call America used to be Mexico; California included. Also, America is dependant on the low-wage labor that many of these immigrants provide. Furthermore, the debate is not about immigration laws, it is about the racial profiling that all other individuals who look Mexican will be subjected to; regardless of them being legal or not. The reason that people may be unaware of this is that the primary education system in America does not educate it’s citizens about the law, society, or America’s true history. This probably explains why many college students become so adamant about social issues; it is simply eye-opening to the average citizen and incites many strong emotions. Yes you are a “Rational American Citizen” in the sense that you have made the best judgement based upon the knowledge that you have, but the key point is that the average citizen is not educated on the dynamics of politics and other important issues. You have heard the side of the American government but give a moment to listen to the rationale behind those who oppose these new laws. Think of it like this: if somebody(America) kicked you out of your home and when you came back they said you don’t live here, you would be angry too, right?

    • Against Racial Profiling

      So you are pretty much racial profiling because you said that Hispanics are bringing America down. You should get your facts straight. There are many Hispanics who are US citizens who work and contribute to the well-being of our economy. It is an insult for someone to assume that you are illegal based on the color of your skin. If anything, many illegal immigrants work the fields to provide food on our tables and also work the dirtiest jobs that so many Americans would opt out on to be on welfare.

    • Dissapointed American

      Rational…??? I cannot pick a single of the many thoughts that passed through my mind as I read your opinion, because in fact it is only your opinion. To tell you that your wrong would only be calling myself a hypocrite. I’d like to know what ethnicity, or as you call it “race” you are my friend! For I can guarantee that your are not pure race nor have you been in this country from the beginning of its time. The increase of Hispanics is no different than the increase of whites, and with them came diseases, death, greed, etc, etc. Who are you to claim the races than can rise in population and those who can’t? Or are you afraid that Darwin’s laws will eliminate your kind?

  5. Jack

    Why should we change it? If they are not illegal, then there is nothing to worry about! Haven’t we spent enough money on illegal aliens taking advantage of our social programs and housing them in our prisons?

    • Against Racial Profiling

      Yeah, and they have made lots of money for us Americans by working the fields and providing food on our tables. If this were not racism, you would be able to understand both sides.

  6. Joe

    I am personally in favor of Arizona’s laws. Until there is a better way to determine the legality of one’s residence in a state, it seems the only way is to ask those who seem suspicious.

    This states that less crimes are committed by illegal immigrants than citizens, but it fails to state what kind of crimes and what numbers were studied. If it’s throughout the entire country, then of course less will be committed by illegals since the number of citizens far outnumbers the amount of illegals. Also it determines what kind of crimes are being taken into account. Violent crimes for instance may be committed at a higher percentage among illegals than say among citizens.

    If those mexican american citizens are law-abiding citizens, then they should have nothing to worry about if police stop them to check their citizenship. If they have done nothing wrong, they should have nothing to worry about.

    As redneck as it sounds, it all comes down to love it or leave it, if you can’t handle the present day America, then you are by all means free to leave.

  7. This is a sad state of affairs for America. Even if the law is written so that it looks like Arizona is not being racist, you know that any cop who is racist can totally make up a reason to pull someone over and question their citizenship.. he could say having a cigarette is loitering.

    This just goes to show how America is becoming undemocratic. It was not the principles of democracy which began this law. The governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer was not even elected into office; she was appointed after democratic Governor Janet Napolotino resigned to be Secretary of Homeland Security.

    We need real democracy in America, democracy in which people vote for who will be in charge, such as with the Governor (as in Arizona). Further, despite this racist instigation, we need to have a system which represents all the people who make up our society so that corrupt people cannot take power because of misrepresentation of the population in a vote. That means allowing all those who are working members of our society, EACH TOGETHER making it work, vote for those who will make policy for ALL OF OUR system, which immigrant workers are essential to as well.

    • Concernedcitizen

      You want to talk about democratic?

      How about the fact that the citizens in the US overwhelmingly are against ILLEGAL immigration and want them deportted? Prop 187 to ban gov aid to illegals, supported by a huge majority was overturned by the courts! This is not democratic!

      And of course saying that illegal immigration is not in the interests of whites and for most non-Hispanic citizens of this country is just racist. Racism is just a word used to control the masses through thought control.

  8. I’m sorry, but what does illegal immigration have to do with drug smuggling and overcrowded ERs? Not every immigrant sells drugs and many of them are even afraid to go to the ER.

    Guess what, “conscious and rational american citizens”: there are drugs in the US because someone is using them. Don’t be so hypocrite and try to do your side of the fight. Don’t blame it on everyone else.

  9. John

    Seems to me that there are a lot of people out there who agree with the Arizona laws… Im not saying that being racist is or predigest is justifiable, but this law gives law enforcers better opportunity to enforce laws that are already in place.
    Illegal stands for illegal and if your not an american citizen then you really have no right to be here.

    • Andrew

      I’m glad we are thinking really deeply into this, and not simply saying illegal=illegal, then trying to close the book on a complex and institutionalized issue.

  10. Anna

    Coming from someone who is from Arizona and parents are immigrants of Mexico. It is very sad that everything is blamed on illegal immigration. Are they the only ones that commit crime? Please, the fact that this law asks for legal status of anyone that is brown – what about Native Americans where this is there land? Why do I have to carry my passport or birth certificate because of the color of my skin… when did police officers also become Immigration officers?

    And the fact of “Hispanics Invading” America – idiot, please remember that America are the Americas – North and South and the fact that the economy is in the tank is not because of illegal immigration but because of Wall Street, please get your facts straight. Latinos are fastest growth minority group and will be the majority by 2030… face it, we are a country of immigrants – if you don’t like it and are not Native American – you have nothing to complain about… you are an immigrant too!

  11. Jake

    I’m pretty outraged by this blog post. It’s not the difference of opinion, it’s the ignorance and lack of education that bothers me. Has anybody read the ACTUAL statute? I have. It is both constitutional, and in my opinion, fair. The Fourth Amendment gives police the right to a “Stop and Frisk” with “reasonable suspicion.” The same reason you would be stopped and frisked is the reason why someone in Arizona would be asked for their papers. Have you ever been stopped and frisked unlawfully? Didn’t think so. If you have, then there would be grounds for a lawsuit. IT’S THE SAME THING IN THIS CASE. If the police stop you and ask for your papers, you can sue them if there was no reasonable suspicion… and you’ll win. This is so far from a racist law it’s unbelievable. The law is in place to keep illegal immigrants, not Mexicans, out of the country.

    “When walking down the wrong street being the wrong color becomes probable cause for detainment.” Clearly the author of this post has not read the statute. Please, stop spreading lies and hate and stop emailing me your uninformed, ignorant bullshit.

    Please note that I’m a registered Democrat and consider myself very liberal. If this law were anything like Nazi Germany, I would be the first to oppose it. However, the law is constitutional and illegal immigrants are here illegally.

    • Andrew

      Yet another poster that hides from the idea that our immigration laws may be at fault here. Is it that much more convenient to just blame the voiceless and defenseless for our structural failings as a nation? How sad.

      • Blake

        The fact that we haven’t been enforcing our immigration laws are what’s at fault here. Time to fix that…

      • Andrew

        Again you oversimplify the problem, instead of ever investigating the idea that the “problem” of undocumented workers may have to do with how hard it is for many to become documented in the first place.

        How easy and simple it is to blame others for systemic issues – but it really is as simple as black and white for you folks isn’t it? Or should I say brown and white.

  12. Anthony

    Why the hell would I protest a bill that will protect the nation? I hope EVERY state takes up a bill similar to that of Arizona’s. I think people who are asking others to protest this or boycott Arizona are living in their own dreamland. Most American’s like this bill and are sick of this illegal immigration problem from down south. As a native southern Californian, I know I am.

    • lynn

      “Most Americans…are sick of this illegal immigration problem from down south.” The problem with that statement is the “from down south” part. What about from the east and the west and the north? I agree that the immigrants who came to the Americas originally were pompous and did ruin people’s ways of life, which is why illegal immigration should not be allowed to continue. Illegal immigration does need to stop for the very fact that it is illegal. But it should not be done in a way that tartgets only immigrants “from down south.” If the police officers would just as easily stop a tall skinny blonde because she may be an illegal immigrant from Norway as they would a short dark man because he may be an illegal immigrant from Mexico, then I would wholeheartedly support the law. But, I think everyone knows that no tall blondes are going to be asked for documentation. (If you happen to be a short brunette Norweigan or a tall hazel-eyed Mexican, my comment may have bothered a little–imagine someone assuming something about your legality based on your appearance, not just your appearance based on your heritage.) Though the law does not explicitly state that it is targeting Hispanic illegals, it is obvious, and very evident by your interpretation, that that is exactly what the law is intended for. People don’t have a problem with a state finally taking action and trying to get control of the immigration problem in this country, it is the unethical way that it is being done that is bothersome.
      And people who say that the Hispanic citizens who get stopped should have no problem because they have papers are obviously not themselves a minority. Otherwise they would see the insult of the racial profiling. As a minority, I know how unfair and hurtful it is to have someone assume something about you because of the color of your skin or the shape of your eyes. These Hispanic citizens and legal residents should not have to always feel that they must prove their legality more than others because of their outward appearance.

  13. Progress

    Everyone that keeps bringing up the labor provided by illegal immigrants on farms needs to realize, if there isn’t a large supply of farm labor, the cost of farm labor will no doubt go up. When it gets high enough farmers will probably begin looking into investing in technologies that automate farm labor (mechanical pruners, harvesters, etc.). If you think about it this actually opens up more job opportunities for those of us that are U.S. Citizens or are here legally.
    Also, saying this is “their” homeland has no basis. It may have been the homeland of their forefathers, but 1. they lost the war, 2. many of them took off; their loss either way. Many Mexicans that wanted to stay in the United States stayed here, and if you go to rural areas you’ll see that some of them still own their family farms.
    As for ER’s, it’s not just limited to ER’s, the issue encompasses everything from ER’s to subsidized housing to food stamps.

    Quite honestly I seriously hope the next governor of California looks into something of this sort (though I doubt it).

    Also: “Please, stop spreading lies and hate and stop emailing me your uninformed, ignorant bullshit.”

    • Andrew

      So you’re saying if Mexico invaded AZ with its military and somehow annexed it, you would be supportive of this, and say to Americans, “You lost the war, and their loss either way”?

      Somehow I think you wouldn’t, and all of this hypocricy is just seething with racism – its really clear.

  14. Dissapointed American

    The truth behind all this… the real reason all this is happening… it is not at all “hispanic’s” fault. It is the fault of the Whites. The Whites demand for drugs, and mexican druglords Supply it, making lots of money, they then buy guns from the Whites!! Mexican druglords then kill any mexican that tries to stand in their way. so mexicans cross to the U.S. The root of the problem is here.

  15. Sang

    Read Arizona law SB1070. It isn’t racist. Illegal isn’t a race. The law specifically prohibits racial profiling. Checking for a valid driver’s license is standard procedure during any traffic violation no matter what the driver’s ethnicity is.

    My family and I support this law. My parents came to America legally, and all we want is for everyone else to obey our immigration laws. It’s not fair to them and countless other legal immigrants to let illegal immigrants cut in line and illegally live and work in our country. Many of my family members had to wait years to legally immigrate to this great country. Arizona is doing what the federal government has failed to do: Enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders.

  16. Smacktooth

    This law is unenforceable without racial profiling.


    I’m Californian, I live in an agricultural community, there are loads of Latinos all around, and I am against applying a law to them strictly on the basis of race. All of you who believe the Arizona law is “the only means left” are uninspired. Racism, by principle, and as a law enforcement option, were taken off the table long ago, so welcome to 21st century. Get creative, there are actual societally acceptable ways to address immigration problems out there.

    Furthermore, uncontrolled drug smuggling has just as much to do with American buyers as they do with Latino traffikers. Also, your emergency rooms are probably overcrowded because our healthcare system is the joke of the civilized world. Last of all, its preposterous that you claim Arizonans have it hard, come try to live and go to school in California when the state’s budget can barely pay for ANYTHING.

    This issue is a matter of principle. Will we, not just as Arizonans, but as Americans, commit ourselves to the pathetic refuge of racism as a means of enforcing ANY law? Na, not I.

  17. Cameron

    I support the laws
    that were passed in Arizona. These people are in this country illegally.
    That simply means that they are breaking the law. It is the job of the
    sheriff and deputies in Arizona to enforce the law, and no one is above
    the law. I would also like you to note that when you say these people are
    not receiving ‘equal protection under the law,’ you should keep in mind
    that the phrase is reserved for citizens who have submitted themselves to
    the rules of the law. Therefore, by breaking our laws and by not being
    citizens, illegal immigrants do not enjoy the protection of our laws at
    all. I hope before you use the term ‘race based round-ups’ and other
    incendiary remarks, you take a minute to look logically at the situation.
    No one is above the law, not you or I or anyone else. If you would like to
    change the laws you are welcome to try, but to insinuate that the people
    enforcing are racist a cheap tactic

    • Andrew

      Again, nice work offloading the problem onto the destitute immigrants that come here for opportunity – I’m sure the problem has nothing to do with restrictive immigration laws, lets not even discuss it and instead assume the problem is with the immigrants themselves – that’s a responsible position to take.

  18. Richard Hoffman

    Your group cannot make a difference because you first don’t understand the immigration problem in Arizona and second you don’t care what the people who are in favor of the law think. You are to close minded.

    • Andrew

      Boo hoo we are closed minded about Arizonan’s wanting to effectively racially profile? I think that’s called being open minded about the potential of immigrants in this country – contrary to the stealth racism all over these comments.

  19. JR

    I fully support Arizona in its attempt to enforce its lawful right to protect our borders; this is an action that the federal government has failed to do for them. My father happens to be one of those police officers in Arizona that they claim to be fond of “race round-ups”; I believe these laws put into place will help to protect him and other members of the law enforcement in Arizona. Perhaps many of you are not aware of how many officers in the state have been killed in the line of duty due to illegal immigration or activities by the illegals themselves? It should be the right of any police officer to question the citizenship status of every person they apprehend for unlawful activities, no matter how trivial they may be. Fact is, the ability to do so helps protect our borders and the citizens within them. I do not know about you, but I am much more for protecting the rights of American law enforcement and citizens before I am for protecting rights of illegal immigrants for whom American rights do not exist as they are not lawful citizens of this country.

    Maybe we should be educating students instead of the benefits that enforcing this protection has on our country. Shikha Dalmia and Ellison Onizuka have nice ideas, but they are not the ones on the front line risking their lives to protect our country from the illegal activities that often are a result of the continued presence of illegal immigrants in the United States. I hope other states follow Arizona’s example and enforce similar laws.

    • Andrew

      “I do not know about you, but I am much more for protecting the rights of American law enforcement and citizens before I am for protecting rights of illegal immigrants for whom American rights do not exist as they are not lawful citizens of this country.”

      This is such a classic right wing tactic – anybody that disagrees with what you believe is more in favor of supporting the “illegals” or the “terrorist’s civil rights” than they are in protecting America. Right wing talkers (Liz Cheney, Bernie Goldberg, El Rushbo) were all over the airwaves talking about how Obama was more worried about the Time’s Square bomber’s rights than protecting America – your ideas are old and recycled.

      Whatever happened to protecting America and its values? If we as Americans give up our values for this vague notion of security you propose, what has become of the America we are “defending”? One with stripped down civil rights and racial profiling? That’s not the America I want to live in and protect.

      Additionally, I have seen ZERO facts by the anti-immigrant folks in this thread regarding how much immigrants even relate to crime. For all you know, they could be commiting crimes at a lower per capita rate than citizens, and paying a higher percentage of their income in taxes to the government than most citizens, since they make very little and most of the money goes towards disposable goods and hence sales tax. If anything, these immigrants are the “model citizens” for the capitalists world – completely disposable labor that can be paid at below minimum wage.

      The fact that the focus is on the “crime” and “dirtiness” of these immigrants, and attempts to smear immigrants as basically mud people shows the bigotry and veiled racism from top to bottom in these comments.

      Why don’t we see any AZ people screaming for businesses that hire undocumented workers to be hung? For massive fines and jailtimes for the capitalists that hire these workers instead of hiring legal citizens? The only reason they come here is economic opportunity!

      Well, obviously the reason you don’t focus on that is because your right wing puppet masters, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Bill O, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and all the other paid spokesmen for intolerance in this country don’t tell you to focus on that.

      They’d rather drive a wedge between working people in this country, create conflict between european “whites” and latinos in this country so that we don’t see the wool being pulled over our eyes by the corporations and fatcats running this country.

      The saddest part is that it breeds racism in all of you, because the focus is solely on how bad immigrants are etc, and not on the actual cause of the problem (hiring of undocumented workers, or easing restrictions to immigrate here legally so people don’t have to try to coyote their way over here).

      If the anti-immigrant people here would at least focus on the actual causes of immigration in this country, then I’d be able to say maybe they weren’t motivated by racism. The fact that 100%, ALL of you, exclusively mention “crime” “safety” “drugs” “disease” etc, makes your racism clear as day to anybody with a head on their shoulders.

  20. suggested but extremely highly boringly optional background readings:

    A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America – Ronald Takaki

    Rethinking the Color Line: Readings in Race and Ethnicity

    A Discourse on Inequality: Jean-Jaques Rousseau

    there’s another one i can think of, but the world’s not ready to deal with the title, let alone the content.

  21. Sarah

    Oh yes, and speaking to history that promotes “racial solidarity,” I guess we’ll have to ban all the state mandated high school history books which are all about white racial solidarity– I mean, who can forget the lessons drilled into their heads about the WHITE men who wrote the constitution, the WHITE men who ‘civilized’ the West, and the WHITE men who advocated Manifest Destiny.

    Better ban white racial solidarity, too.

    • Andrew

      You know, usually quotes are more effective if somebody actually said them. Nobody on the board has even used the term “racial solidarity” except for you.

      Good thing we have people like “Sarah” to stand up for the privileged and empowered – conservatism has always been on the wrong side of history and your post exemplifies that.

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