Tried And True Job Hunting Techniques For College Students

With literally thousands of job boards out there how do you expand beyond trolling craigslist? The answer is 3 tiered.

1. Find a job board aggregator or a site with a lot of posting towards college students

2. Make sure it is a site that tailors to college students

3. When you find a job that you want to apply for try to find someone in your network (check linkedin and facebook) who might have worked there or knows someone who might work there.

You might say, that is easier said then done. I did too until I went on the hunt for the sites that I can trust. There are two sites that satisfy all of those requirements and I list them below.

1. Veechi aggregates the majority of internship and entry level jobs posted on the internet. If you are searching for a job you must use this service. They also have a cool tool that shows you all your facebook friends and where they work. It is definitely worth your time to see if you have any even 3rd order connections to a job you might want to work at. This site is a must.

2. only focuses on internships. They have a large database of internships. The quantity of internships is not high but the quality is. Only if you are looking for business or marketing type jobs. It is great for that!

I hope you start using these simple tactics to help you get a job. They have definetly helped for people I know.

Note: To All ASC Readers, Due to the fact that this is the worst economy since the great depression you need to learn how to make your job hunt smarter. Once we week we will be posting simple tips to enhance your job hunt. If we leave out any information that you would like to know please comment on this blog or e-mail us.


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